Martha's Legal And Political Career

Justice, Integrity, and the Rule of Law

Hon. Martha Karua's Career has been about fighting for the values of freedom for all citizens, respect for human rights, and upholding the principles of democracy.

Key Milestones in Martha's Career

  1. Martha was a member of the opposition political movements that successfully agitated for the reintroduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya in the early 1990s.
  2. She joined Ford Asili to run for the Member of Parliament bid in the 1992 campaigns. However, Martha decided to leave the party due to compromised nominations. She joined Democratic Party ( DP) where she ran and campaigned and eventually beat her competitor Geoffrrey Karekia Kariithi.
  3. This was during the 1992 general election, where she became the MP for Gichugu constituency and the first female lawyer to be popularly elected to Parliament. She was also appointed as the party's Legal Affairs Secretary between 1992 and 1997.

  1. This was the first term of Martha'a tenure as Gichugu MP, where she represented Gichugu Constituency in the Kenyan Parliament.
  2. She was also one of the leaders at the 1995 Beijing Women's conference.

  1. In 1997 Election, Martha was reelected as Gichugu MP.
  2. During her term, she continued to administrate her duties in the Democratic Party.
  3. During the campaigns for the 2002 General Election, she joined the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC).and became eventually Deputy Party Leader.

  1. Martha was a key legislative power behind Kenya’s Water Act of 2002, which has led to expanded access to clean water across the country.
  2. She rolled out water sector reforms and laid the foundation for the revival of the extensive irrigation projects currently in place across Kenya.

  1. During her tenure, she oversaw key legislation that set grounds for strengthening the electoral and national reconciliation processes and notably the constitutional process.
  2. Martha is particularly proud of the framework and timeline that was put in place, during her term as Minister, to ensure the constitution process was protected from partisan interests so that Kenyans could finally have a new constitution.
  3. Martha was the first Minister to resign voluntarily since 2003. She resigned as Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on 6 April 2009, citing frustrations in discharging her duties and executive overreach.

  1. As a comeback into the political arena, she contested for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat in 2017.
  2. She cited election irregularities and filed a petition at the High Court, the Court of Appeal and eventually the Supreme Court to have the election of her contestant nullified.
  3. When the petitions did not pull through, she proceeded to file a petition in the East African Court of Justice, suing the Kenyan government for the failure of the Judiciary Arm to exercise justice.

  1. Martha emphasized that Kenyans deserve better service delivery in Education, Health, Food, Shelter, and Jobs than what the government offers.
  2. She pointed out some errors in governance as pertains to the management and eradication of COVID-19, and played a big role in shaping the national conversation on the pandemic.
  3. She demanded for accountability on COVID-19 funds, as well as the investigation, arrest, and successful prosecution of those found culpable to have participated in graft at Afya House.
  4. She demanded that the government transfer cash to needy Kenyans who were adversely affected by the pandemic.
  5. She advised the government to reallocate funds in the National Budget from other sectors such as Security to the Ministry of Health.
  6. She demanded the immediate release of delayed salaries of nurses which was causing the rampant nurse strikes, and that the government cater for the hospital bills incurred by health workers in the line of duty.
  7. Martha also demanded that the government provide cash grants to Small, Medium, and Microenterprises which despite making up the engine of our economy, the country continues to see a fixation with the 1% of big businesses who are politically connected and have superior lobbying power.
  8. She added that repayment of the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loans should also be suspended by the government.
  9. Martha then founded a movement dubbed "Linda Katiba," which is an initiative to fight the BBI initiative which she believes to be a selfish plan of the political elite.
  10. Linda Katiba movement, spearheaded by Nark-Kenya leader Martha Karua, launched a website where Kenyans can sign up to oppose the plan to introduce changes to the 2010 Kenyan constitution. The website will work hand in hand with activists to mobilize Kenyans to reject BBI.

"We are calling for the full implementation of the 2010 Constitution, which has been vandalized, abused, cannibalized, and destroyed."

Hon. Martha Karua's remark during a press briefing.

  • Martha believes that the view of 50 million citizens should not be swayed by 5 million signatures collected by the selfish pioneers of the BBI initiative.

  1. She emerged the top candidate out of 11 prominent personnel who had been interviewed by a panel charged with the mandate of identifying the best candidate to be the running mate of the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.

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